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VSO USA is grateful for generous support from our partners, including USAID and GAC.

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Who we are 

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Our commitment to creating lasting, sustainable change is unwavering.

Driven by the transformative power of volunteering, we make it our mission to position marginalized communities as central stakeholders in the development process.

Why partner with VSO? 

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Partnerships at VSO are more than just alliances; they're shared missions with resounding impact.

We team up with diverse partners and communities to co-create lasting change. Our solutions are effective because they are locally owned and sustained.   

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What we do

Understand the core of our operations and the principles that guide us.

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How a VSO partnership works

Our approach

Our belief is that true and lasting change can only occur when the communities we serve are engaged in shaping their own futures. That's why our initiatives are built upon a foundation of inclusivity and collaboration.

Rather than imposing external solutions, we engage with local leaders, residents, and organizations to identify unique challenges and co-create innovative solutions.

The role of our partners

We understand that the complexities of community development require multi-dimensional solutions, and that's where our partners come into play.

From local NGOs to international agencies, academic institutions, and private sector collaborators, we form strategic alliances that enrich and diversify our impact.

By leveraging collective expertise, we can design interventions that are not only effective but culturally sensitive and locally relevant.

Volunteer driven

Volunteering is at the heart of everything we do. Through the selfless contributions of skilled and passionate individuals, we're able to bridge gaps in education, healthcare, economic development, and social equality.

Our volunteers bring invaluable skills and perspectives, yet also gain immense personal and professional growth through their service, creating a cycle of mutual empowerment.

Areas of focus

We concentrate our efforts in various sectors such as education, healthcare, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

By focusing on these crucial pillars, we aim to foster well-rounded communities that are equipped with the tools they need to thrive.

Outcome-oriented initiatives

Measuring impact is crucial for us. We continually assess the efficacy of our programs through a variety of metrics, including qualitative and quantitative analyses, to ensure we're making a real difference.

This allows us to adapt and evolve, continually improving our methods and maximizing our impact.

In essence, Voluntary Service Overseas doesn't just aim to bring about change; we strive to establish a legacy of empowered communities, sustainable development, and enduring partnerships. Together, we can build a more equitable, just, and inclusive world.

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