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Volunteering in Rwanda

What VSO volunteers do in Rwanda

VSO recruits international professionals and Rwandan graduates to work on education and farming projects.

VSO education volunteers in Rwanda work on projects aiming to improve early childhood and primary education. They help enhance the abilities of local early childhood education teachers, primary school teachers, head teachers and local government staff.

Volunteers work in classrooms, in teacher training colleges and directly in communities. The aim is to build the demand for higher calibre learning, the local skills base, and ideas to support.

Urgently recruiting education professionals for Rwanda

VSO livelihoods volunteers work with the most disadvantaged Rwandans.

The majority of these people depend on farming as a source of food and income. They include young people, women and people with disabilities. Volunteers work to enhance Rwandans' skills, techniques and effectiveness as co-operatives and entrepreneurs. This means they can have more income, be more self-sufficient and be able to withstand the impact of climate change.

Education professionals urgently needed to volunteer in Rwanda

Rwanda's ambitious new school curriculum could drastically improve the quality of learning for millions of children. Now volunteers are urgently required to help under-skilled primary teachers and school leaders meet the challenge of implementing it.

You could work either in:

  • building the capacity of high-potential primary school teachers to apply effective, learner-centred approaches to teaching basic English and numeracy under the new curriculum, or,
  • building the capacity of high-potential primary school leaders to prioritise improvements in children's English and numeracy, and to become more accountable to the communities they serve.

You will help these lead teachers and school leaders to support all others in their area, helping to create a ripple effect.

You will work closely with motivated, graduate VSO Rwandan national volunteers, who characterise the will and determination of the Government to rise out of post-Genocide poverty. This will not only help you more fully understand the context and enhance the effectiveness of your work, but help build up the skilled workforce in a country where youth employment is a growing challenge.


About VSO volunteering in Rwanda

Papa Diouf, Country Director, Rwanda

VSO Rwanda Country Director Papa Diouf

Dear Volunteers,

Welcome to Rwanda, country of a thousand hills.

With 11 million inhabitants, Rwanda is a fascinating country in the heart of East Africa characterized by a rich culture, charming traditions and breath-taking scenery, known only by a few.

We've played a significant role in supporting the government of Rwanda get progressively closer to its development objectives since 1998. But much remains to be done. The government’s ambitious vision is to turn Rwanda into a middle income country by 2020.

Children and the young people that represent the biggest segment of the population still need to have better access to quality basic education and skilled development opportunities.

Women and people living with disability are still among the most vulnerable populations.

Want to help us build a knowledge economy in country driven by a daring development ambition? Come join us. Let's pull up our sleeves, share our unique expertise, and build a Rwanda without poverty!

Murakoze Cyane

Papa Diouf

Country Director

Volunteer stories

VSO volunteer Christiane Merz together with Celebral Palsy sufferer seven year old Samuel Bangamwabo

VSO disability adviser volunteer Christiane Merz with seven-year-old Samuel Bangamwabo

How to get in touch

If you wish to find out more about working in Rwanda, please contact our team at:

VSO Rwanda
Commercial Building N.273, Umudugu, Imihigo village
Kimihurura, Gasabo, 
P.O. Box 4599, Kigali, Rwanda | Plot N.KG 625 Street 12
Office: +250 788 301 772

Our work in Rwanda 

Find our more about our work in Rwanda

We are also looking for candidates in a number of anticipated volunteer jobs. These jobs are not confirmed yet. If you are interested in any of these jobs, please complete the application form and we'll be in touch:
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Early Years Education Specialist - Talent Pool Various Districts 15 Jun 2023