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VSO/Peter Caton

Volunteering in Nepal


School children at Bal Mandir School in Nepal VSO/Peter Caton

School children at Bal Mandir School in Nepal, where VSO volunteers have worked to make teaching more interactive.

Volunteering in Nepal

VSO volunteers have been working in Nepal - the 'roof of the world' - for more than 50 years. This is one of the world's least developed countries. In recent decades, however, it has made one of the largest improvements to human development of any country.

But in April 2015 a massive earthquake tore through Nepal. It killed more than 8,000 people, and injured and robbed many thousands more of their homes, schools and health facilities. Many people have been sliding back into poverty.

VSO volunteers provided critical assistance in the relief effort. They ranged from skilled disaster professionals joining emergency placements to distribute aid, to hundreds of Nepalese young people mobilised by VSO to step forward and help in whatever way they could.

Now we are helping Nepal rebuild its strained health and education systems, whilst adapting to climate change and food security challenges. 

More than cash, Nepal needs volunteers with the skills and energy to help its people rebuild and strengthen their nation. We are recruiting now for a range of vital roles.

Volunteers in Nepal

Living in Nepal

CEO Philip Goodwin and VSO Nepal team ©VSO/Suraj Shakya

VSO Nepal staff and volunteers with Chief Executive Philip Goodwin


Volunteers enjoy a good standard of living and support from VSO. Volunteers in Nepal work hard but also have time to socialise with other volunteers and enjoy living in this stunning landscape, with its backdrop featuring ten of the world's tallest mountains.

Youth volunteering in Nepal

VSO ICS youth volunteer Danial on placement in Nepal

VSO ICS youth volunteer Danial on placement in Nepal

VSO offers opportunities for youth volunteers from the UK and Nepal, aged 18-25 to work in Nepal through the International Citizen Service programme.

Volunteers work in the capital of Kathmandu and rural communities in Baglung and Lamjung. Their projects aim to improve sustainable livelihoods opportunities for women, and address poor sexual and reproductive health faced by young people. They also support training delivery to farmers, and coordinate health education workshops with schools and community groups.

If you are a Nepali national interested in ICS volunteering please contact our local office by email.

UK nationals interested in youth volunteering can apply on the ICS website.

Interested in volunteering in Nepal?