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Volunteering in Nepal

VSO has a proud history of working in Nepal. Currently, volunteers in Nepal are working on a number of initiatives supporting inclusive education, social inclusion and gender equality. 

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteers in Nepal are working at all levels to support thousands of vulnerable girls to make empowered decisions about their own futures. Volunteers are integral in ensuring these girls have access to a quality education and other services that will enable them to break the cycle f poverty. 

Volunteers also work on a number of projects working with communities to challenge harmful traditional practices and support young women to pursue their own income-generation projects and live more independently. 

We have ambitions to significantly increase the number of people we support through these programmes and are keen to recruit volunteers with:

  • Professional education / education management experience
  • Professionals with experience addressing gender and social inclusion issue
  • Experience in business / SME

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Living in Nepal

Volunteers enjoy a good standard of living and support from VSO. Volunteers in Nepal work hard but also have time to socialise with other volunteers and enjoy living in this stunning landscape, with its backdrop featuring ten of the world's tallest mountains.


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