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Share a life-changing experience volunteering together with VSO in Africa or Asia. Share your skills, and make a stand against poverty together.

"No matter what happens, if we can come here and do this, then we can do anything."

Richard Tate, who relocated to Papua New Guinea to volunteer with his fiance Emily

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What kind of volunteering does VSO offer? 

VSO runs effective and ethical projects to improve health, education and livelihoods in 24 countries across Africa and Asia

The change we are making is all thanks to volunteers from around the world, who share professional skills and ideas that make a real difference. Placements usually last between six months and two years. 

Questions about volunteering with VSO?

How can I volunteer with my partner?   

We do all we can to accommodate partners to join volunteers relocating for an overseas placement. This is the most common way to share the experience of volunteering in Africa or Asia as a couple. 

There may be times where a volunteer placement is unsuitable for a couple. If in doubt about how suitable a particular role is for a couple, please get in touch.  

Can we both volunteer? 

You can both make applications to volunteer, but this is less common. This is because it depends on both of you having specialist skills that match up to current vacancies.  

Please keep an open-mind to the idea that one of you may go as a non-volunteering partner.  

Can I live with my partner when I volunteer?  

Yes. We do our best to ensure that your volunteer accommodation is suitable for two people.  

Volunteer accommodation varies depending on region. However all accommodation is carefully vetted for safety, security and basic amenities.  

What about the non-volunteering partner?  

We can only cover the costs of VSO volunteers. But we strive to do what we can to make placements couple-friendly.  

Non-volunteering partners often find paid or voluntary work while they are in country. Or, they may decide to start a project of their own. 


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