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Mother Mbalu names baby boy after dedicated Community Health Officer

Limited resources and a lack of trained staff make Sierra Leone one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth. 

VSO volunteers have been working with Community Health Officers like Andrew Sesay who oversees the Binkolo Health Clinic in Makeni district. Hands-on and extremely dedicated, Andrew is passionate about giving the best healthcare to his patients. New mother, Mbalu Kamara, named her baby boy after him. She tells her story:

Mbalu Kamara, with her son Andrew, named after Andrew Sesay Peter Caton

Mbalu Kamara, with her son Andrew, named after Andrew Sesay


“I gave birth when I was 10 months pregnant. By that time, my baby was very big.

"Everything was ok until the day I gave birth.

"I felt like I was going to die.

"The people around me were telling me the baby was just turning but the pain was so much that I couldn’t even put my clothes on. I just tied a fabric around me, took a bike and came to the clinic.

"The labour went on for two days.

Caesarean section

"After they checked me, Mr Andrew told me that my baby was too big and I couldn’t deliver it by myself so I had to go to Makeni Regional Referral Hospital for a caesarean. I wasn’t scared. I just wanted the pain to go away.

"I know that if I had stayed to give birth at home, instead of the hospital, I would have died.

A bright future

"Mr Andrew took such good care of me. He gave me attention throughout my pregnancy. Even though we didn’t have a scan, he guessed it would be a boy. He’s kind and funny, and I willingly gave the name Andrew to my son – even the baby’s father wanted that.

"I love being a mother. I have someone to play with and keep me company. I hope he will become a good man like Mr Andrew.”


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