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How we are funded

VSO's work would not be possible without funding and donations from agencies, trusts, private companies and the general public.

2018/19 income

Total income for the year: £63 million

Where our income came from

Our funding partners

Thank you to all of our partners that enable us to continue our work around the world.

2018/19 expenditure

Total spend on charitable activities: £58.8 million

How the money was spent

Pay and benefits

VSO’s Chief Executive, Philip Goodwin, took a drop in salary upon taking on this role. His current salary is £17,000 less than his predecessor.

VSO pays the market rate for charities to its senior staff. Equivalent roles in global organisations of a similar size in the private sector are paid much higher salaries.

VSO continues to rigorously monitor all of its expenditure and aims to be as transparent as possible. We believe that high calibre leadership is critical to reducing global poverty and that the Chief Executive should be remunerated accordingly.

Transparency and value for money are key values for VSO. Read our most recent annual report for detailed financial accounts.